This program is my biggest project by far, in which I have dedicated a great amount of hours and passion. The program is fully documented on the website:

With more than 2200 stocks this program analyse the biggest companies of different regions of the word, through artificial intelligence. This program use six independent algorisms to analyse the current situation of a company, by studying the stock price, financial states, the current news of the company and more risk factors. The results of this algorithms are going to be a theoretical value of how likely the stock analysed will achieve a significant return, based on the historical data. To select the companies to invest in, the program will define if the theoretical value of algorisms will maximizes the investment return or not, by giving a value 1 to the algorisms that will maximize the return and 0 to the others. The companies that have 4 or more algorisms that maximizes return or good algorism and pass the three last checks are selected as good opportunities to invest in.

This program is executed in my personal server, and it is completely automatized. During the weekdays the program is executed for the 2247 companies, and it takes 23 hours to analyse all to them and in the weekend creates a public weekly report to know how the program is going. In addition, the program is integrated to IB API so even the investment is automatized.

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